Sunday, July 4, 2010

Proudly introducing 'Candy the Kitchenaid'

For over a year I have lusted over the 90th anniversary Candy Apple Red Mix master... I have had various celebrations over the last year where someone had said they would get it for me, But to no avail. I was then devastated to discover it was not being made anymore. No stores had it and when I saw it in Person at a friends 30th i got a little emotional. And putting it up my top to sneak it out was not an option. Have you felt how heavy these things are? And then she informed me that the store her husband purchased it from only had 2 left in the country!!

I bit the bullet and within 2 days it was in the mail. I even spoiled myself by getting the ice cream attachment. Isn't she hot. The microwave even got banished to the laundry so that she could be the focal point of the kitchen.

I have already made Vanilla Slices, Lemon meringue pie, and Banana bread. I'm still to make any ice cream although the bowl is chilling in my freezer. I'm not ashamed to say she gets a LOT of caresses when I'm near her!!

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