Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Love Perth

Yesterday i was in the beautiful Sunny Perth... Having a day to kill i finally got two Softie books that i've been eyeing off for a while now. I even got some bed socks to make some monkeys with. They are so soft i found it hard not to put them on... But why do i need socks when i finally got a new heater! I arrived home this morning to a roaring gas heater begging me to curl up in front of. But I think Rupert had something to say about that.

I also caught the bus down to Textile Traders at Booragoon. They were so inexpensive that i was getting a metre of everything. Lots to make softies with. I'm definitely going back there.
The lovely Rachael at Four wise monkeys is having a giveaway of Gift by Rosalie Quinlan. Head over and leave a comment.. And have a look at her work.. She's very talented.


Bernadette said...

Lucky you going to Textile Traders! Rupert looks very cute and comfy in front of the new fire...and he doesn't even look like a reindeer!!!!

Rachelmp said...

Ohhhh Lucky you Kelly, day on in Perth, heaps of fabric and a softies book I have been eyeing off too! You will have to give me a sneak peak at your cupcake gift .. I'm making mine up this weekend (fingers crossed anyway!)