Monday, June 30, 2008


I've just spent the best long weekend in Tasmania with a few friends. Non-quilters so i couldn't go to any quilting stores. It was busy... yet relaxing. Time was spent at the Salamanca market in Hobart where i bought some great chocolate/mint tea.. Yummy... and some PJ's for my doggie... Yes i said Pajama's for a dog (photo to come) they were too cute to resist.

There was a small old town called Richmond that had a very old cemetery from the late 1800's. As you can see they're ready to go tumbling down the hill.

And i found a great home wares store that had great ironwork structures... like seats and gates. So tempted to send something back to Victoria.

An interesting town on our road trip was called Dootown (actual name of town) and every house has a name. And being a little immature at times.. I had a giggle at these...

There is a man in the man in the window staring at me...

Port Arthur was fantastic. They have the oldest Church in Australia... It was burnt in a fire long ago. The guide was trying to paint a pretty picture of convict life by pointing out that it was non-denominal so that everyone could attend. I have so many beautiful photos of Port Arthur as it was beautiful down there and all the grass was so green. I also did the ghost tour on Saturday night. Apparently Port Arthur has one of the most haunted houses in Australia. Scary. Although not once did i get scared because the guide was very funny.

A great story was a tour were a goats head (placed on a disection table for effect) kept moving and freaking everyone out (including the guide) until the guide lifted it to reveal a mouse who then ran up a girls jumper. Let's just say the next tour group who heard everything didn't want to enter the room next.

How cute are these Tasmania Devils. They have just been put on the endangered species list. And will die out in the next 10 years if they don't cure a facial cancer that is being spend when they bite each other. And believe me they fight A LOT!!

And no Tassie Tour is complete without visiting the Cadbury factory and buying a 5kg box of random chocolates (the picture doesn't do it justice) and massive boxes of Roses as presents for the people i love.

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Bernadette said...

Kel what gorgeous photos! I just love Tassie but as I love historical things I guess it fits. Loved Richmond but Ross even better not as touristy (you probably didn't get that far) and Pt Arthur is just so beautiful for a place with the history it has...
Hmm...yummy chocolate I will have to have some of Sharons share as she can't eat it!!