Friday, September 12, 2008

I had fun...

in the SNOW!!!!

Yesterday was just an amazing day to go snowboarding at Mt Buller. There were very few people on the slopes as seen below. This photo was taken at 2.59pm!! Look at that snow cover. Can you believe it's going to be like this for another month!!! They even extended the season...

It was only the second time I've snowboarding so it was great not having to dodge any people or brown patches as there weren't any!!! My friend/teacher was very impressed how fast i was going. I don't have a big head or anything. As i am quite a bit taller and a tad rounder then my friend (i was wearing her old ski pants) my fly kept coming down. If anyone saw me... I'm sorry. I'm sure you can picture me flying down the slopes while pulling up my pants with numb fingers while wearing mittens. And did i mention i was borrowing a men's snowboard too and i had the worst rented boots EVER!!! And i still loved it!!

My thighs and knees were killing near the end. And i woke up this morning with a headache. Maybe it was because i fell back and hit my head yesterday.

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