Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bears In The Heavens

Yesterday I finished the binding on this very cute baby quilt. I was watching TV at the time and pricked myself quite a few times so had to break out the blue bandaids. Note to self... Needles are sharp!! I machine quilted it myself and didn't enjoy the experience at all. I can see the smerk on your face Bernadette. The machine just went way too fast for my hands to keep up. I'll have to spend a day practicing before I attempt another one.

I didn't do anything to the blue sky because I like the puffiness of leaving it. The backing is a nice warm flannelette.

It's now hanging nicely in my sewing room. Now all i need is some kiddies to enjoy it... Hmmm...

I've also machine sewn on the binding to my 'Lime and Soda' and 'Chloes Quilt' ready to be hand finished. Pretty exciting to think i could get another 2 quilts finished before the end of the coming week.